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 After 3 awesome years, we have decided to end our run – at least for a while. So, TTL will be on hiatus. Our final show will be on October 28, 2014 at 8pm EST. Our final guest will be Josh Damigo on October 21, 2014 8pm EST. 

TTL is a one-hour, Award Winning, live and interactive show which features the latest music added to our rotation. Log into Twitter and mention us (@allindie) and we will give you a shout-out on the air!

Each week we invite one of our artists to join us for an informal interview.  We will play three songs from the guest during the show! We have a heck of a lot of fun!

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We are no longer accepting requests for appearances on Twitter Tuesday Live!

After 3 awesome years, we have decided to end our run – at least for a while. So, TTL will be on hiatus. Our final show will be on October 28, 2014 at 8pm EST. Our final guest will be Josh Damigo on October 21, 2014 8pm EST.


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Each week, Twitter Tuesday Live has over 25,000 listeners, worldwide!


Date Posted: 26 Jun 2011 @ 5:38 PM
Last Modified: 17 Oct 2014 @ 11:07 AM
Posted By: Mark

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  1. […] last week and if you missed out please take the time to listen to or download the podcast: Follow BRONI and stop by his facebook and wish him an HAPPY BIRTHDAY for sunday! […]

  2. […] and Valerie who make up the band LYVA. if you missed the show you can listen to the podcast: Also check out my blog TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE 12TH JULY […]

  3. […] TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE with our special guest KIVA JOHN ADKINS you can download the podcast from was a great episode, and Kiva will be joining us more as part of the Butterflies Team. More details […]

  4. […] I’ve also got this radio show tomorrow that I’ll technically be “releasing” my single during an interview.  […]

  5. […] Link to Twitter Tuesday (Butterflies Radio).  They like this song, it seems.  Got a couple of spins on BBC Introducing South, too…  Also played by Radio Reverb.  And Radio Free Brighton.  Not a bad start – music-wise, there’s more where that came from, as they say. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_bg", "111111"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_border", "515151"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_text", "eeeeee"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_link", "428ce7"); GA_googleAddAttr("theme_url", "428ce7"); GA_googleAddAttr("LangId", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Autotag", "music"); GA_googleAddAttr("Autotag", "entertainment"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "music"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "news"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "airplay"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "alternative-musician"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "butterflies-radio"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "hands-up-single"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "internet-radio"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "media-exposure"); GA_googleAddAttr("Tag", "podcast"); GA_googleFillSlot("wpcom_sharethrough"); […]

  6. […] 2012, we are currently taking bookings for May 2012! If you have missed any, you can go to – and check out all our past […]

  7. […] Seriously our show is only as good as our guest and today was no exception! Pete was awesome, so much fun! However the only way you can enjoy the show is to hear it for yourself from here: […]

  8. […] Once again we had some fun on the show, and as always we had some laughs! Of course there were parts of the show that ended up in the gutter, like most weeks lol!!! We failed to corrupt Sam as she’s an Aussie so she is already there! Anyway, don’t take my word for it, listen to the podcast and hear for yourself! […]

  9. […] you missed last week’s show with Sam from VOLARY you can listen or download the podcast from Sam was an awesome guest and we enjoyed being able to celebrate her birthday with her. Check out my […]

  10. […] I am bummed, though, because (and this is the first time this has happened in 58 episodes) we had some technical difficulties with the podcast and it didn’t record the first half of the show! Very disappointed! However, this couldn’t be helped and we just had to build a bridge and get the hell over it! Lol meant in a nice way! These things happen, and you know what, the podcast still turned out to be awesome! Check it out for yourself and then check the links for Garrett and follow and support this truly awesome singer! […]

  11. […] show and Garrett was great fun! If you missed it, never fear you can still listen to it from and of course my blog […]

  12. […] Anyway, this blog is just a brief description of the show, and I would encourage you to download the podcast and her MELISSA VANFLEET for yourself! You can also hear her gorgeous giggle and bubbly personality! […]

  13. […] fun talking to her. If you missed the show you can listen to or download the podcast from – and also my blog – […]

  14. […] Shaun has a passion for what he does and it comes across in the show. Mark and I found him very interesting to talk to and, I can assure you, he held the listening audience for the whole show. I could go on and on and on about the show in my blog. However, it is not as much fun as hearing it for yourself. You can hear the podcast from: […]

  15. […] and Shaun was most entertaining for the whole show. If you missed it you can catch the podcast from you can also read the write up of the show and all of Shaun’s links on my blog […]

  16. […] if you missed it I would definitely recommend that you download the podcast and listen to it! also check out my blog TANIA DOKO – Guest on Twitter Tuesday Live 31st January 2012 […]

  17. […] of your songs on Butterflies, you could also be invited to be a guest on their weekly live show! Twitter Tuesday Live is broadcast live every Tuesday night at 8pm EST and features the latest music added to their […]

  18. […] Anyway, don’t take my word for how good the show was –  Please download the podcast and hear SWEET DAVIS for yourself! […]

  19. […] Last week Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting with KRISTIN DAVIS who makes up 1/3 of SWEET DAVIS and she was awesome and entertained the live audience for the whole show. If you missed it you can still catch the podcast: […]

  20. […] For those of you that missed last week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE with the awesome MIMI PAGE you can still catch the podcast […]

  21. […] At one stage during the show, there was talk about “Erotic Beats”   Anyway the only way to enjoy the show is to download the podcast and here Mimi for yourself […]

  22. […] Bill HEMP from DYMAXION VEHICLE was our guest on last week’s show. Another great show of course! If you missed it you can listen or download the podcast from […]

  23. […] Rick from the Canadian band GLO was our guests on last week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE – another great show. If you missed it you can hear or download the show from […]

  24. […] We did have a good crowd today supporting GLO and I am hoping those that missed it will take the time to download the podcast. It’s hard for me to talk about the show in a blog.  Rick had so much to say and it’s best to hear it for yourself, instead of me rambling on: […]

  25. […] Well that was just a taste of  just some of the topics we touched on during today’s show, please take the time to listen to the show and hear just how awesome Taylor was! […]

  26. […] time to download the show. As well as having a fantastic sense of humour she was very informative! you can also check out what I had to say about the show on my blog […]

  27. […] of some of his new music from his new up coming album WORDS LEFT UNSAID. Check out the show and my blog posting […]

  28. […] was our guest on last week’s show. Great show! If you missed it please check it out: also check out my review of the show […]

  29. […] that). Ok I am not saying any more about the show, you really need to hear it for yourself: (I really wish you could also hear what goes on behind the scenes during a music […]

  30. […] LIVE and I still giggle when I think about it! If you missed it you have to have a listen also check my write up of the show Sean Waterman – […]

  31. […] DAYS joined Mark and me on last week’s show. If you missed it you can catch it on you can also read my write up of the show from here: SPACESHIP DAYS – Guests on Twitter Tuesday […]

  32. […] Awesome couple who talked about, how they met, their musical backgrounds, their hopes for the new band, their plans for the future of the band and much much more! […]

  33. […] We have four of their songs currently on the Butterflies Rotation including a fantastic cover from one of my favourite bands, SAVAGE GARDEN, “Moon and Back”. For the audience that tuned in live today, we showcased 3 of their songs, all with good positive feedback. The songs we featured were: FREEDOM THE BREATH RESCUE MY LIFE You can hear this show for yourself by going to […]

  34. […] Anyway, check out the show for yourselves and you will see what an awesome and talented musician he is […]

  35. […] Considering the guys were up late the night before jamming, Adrian and Jarred remained wide awake throughout the show and answered all the questions that we thrown at them. Not only are they great musicians, they are awesome guys too! Mark and I really enjoyed talking to them and finding more about the band BESIDE LIGHTS. You can check out the show by clicking on this link: […]

  36. […] He told us how he came up with the name, his other projects and much, much more. Download and listen to the show for yourself. I guarantee that, after listening to the show, you will become a fan! […]

  37. […] Mark and I were privileged to have the very talented RIE SINCLAIR from Los Angeles join us on this week’s TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE. Mark and I had a great time talking to Rie and our listeners that tuned in live really enjoyed her music and gave some fantastic feedback. Beside learning about the very busy life of RIE SINCLAIR, we also learned what she would and wouldn’t take on a desert island and a recipe for a new delicious cocktail! Rie,a truly dedicated musician who runs around wearing that many hats it’s not funny! Tune into the link below and you can hear Rie for yourselves and listen to a taste of some of her fantastic music! […]

  38. […] check out KENNY WESLEY and hear the show for yourself by going to the link on our web page another awesome show, another awesome […]

  39. […] If you have never heard of JOSH DAMIGO before, Josh assures us that by the end of the year he is going to be FAMOUS! Please take the time to listen to this show and hear Josh for yourself, listen to his music, and give him the support that he deserves! […]

  40. […] Kevin is not only a great musician but he is an all-round great guy and we enjoyed talking to him very much today! Please take the time to download the show for yourself so that you can hear what Kevin had to say for himself! Check out the link for the show and give Kevin the support that he justly deserves […]

  41. […] Want to hear what they would take on a desert island? Click on this link and hear the show During the show, surprisingly enough, we did manage to get to play some music lol and we featured […]

  42. […] James, and I know that everyone that tuned in also enjoyed them very much! Go to this link and find out how BROKEN ROMEO got their name, what they would take on a DESERTED ISLAND, how it […]

  43. […] good folks at Butterflies Radio have selected us to be the weekly guest on their Twitter Tuesday Live program tomorrow […]

  44. Carol's Blog says:

    […] All this and more can be heard by listening to the show which is available for download from […]

  45. […] this and more go to listen and support these guys, trust me you won’t be disappointed! It was a fun show! As always […]

  46. […] Here’s the link - […]

  47. […] Find out more about his latest album BIG TEXAS SKY! Find out how his teeth chose what instrument he should play! Find out why he chose Country Music as his musical path! Find out more behind the man that describes his music as HARD EDGE COUNTRY WITH A HEART by going to this link and listening to the podcast […]

  48. […] You can find out about all the above and more by going to this link and either listen or download the show […]

  49. […] Hear how Mike got his nickname HARVEY! Find out how THE VELMAS got their name! Find out how Brian Vander Ark from THE VERVE PIPE connected to Mike! Find out what Mike would take with him on a deserted island! Find out all the above and more by clicking on this link and checking out the show […]

  50. […] in from above! Find out what makes these guys ROCK! All this and more by clicking on this link To sum up the show….a lot of ROCK with a little […]

  51. […] We had a lot of listeners today tune in to support Melissa and hear what she had to say. Those that were tuned in live and tweeting on twitter gave some great feedback to her. This amazing girl kept us all smiling the entire show! You must listen if you missed it live […]

  52. […] We also had the world premier of her heartfelt ballad WAKE ME UP, a truly amazing song! We featured GIRLFRIEND and her rocking song BETTER THAN REVENGE that is now available as a single! All these songs can be found on her new EP which comes out on 4th November 2012. ZOE ANN has an incredible stage presence and can work the crowd like the true rock star she is! She has also made some great videos, all of which can be found on her you tube channel. For someone so young she has this amazing talent that one day will put her amongst the top names in today’s music world! Mark and I told her that we want a mention in her Grammy acceptance speech! Lol Today’s show was awesome and if you missed it, can be heard from […]

  53. […] are guaranteed a good laugh! Wait till you hear what they would take with them on a Desert Island! TIFFANY CHILDERSJOHN HODSALLSCOTT CLARKJONATHAN […]

  54. […] Below is a summary of the show, however TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE is better heard so check out this link and listen for yourself […]

  55. […] This has been just a summary of today’s show, and it is best listened to. Aweseome guests great music and just a taste of what the ARITST IN MUSIC AWARDS is going to be like! […]

  56. […] You can catch the whole show by checking out this link, I will just tell you though that we did have problems with our sound volumes at the start of the show, however it is worth listening too because Janis was awesome! […]

  57. […] Adam was a fantastic guest on todays show and there was a good support from our listeners that tuned in live. If you would like to hear the entire podcast you can do so from this link: […]

  58. […] with our good friends Mike and Carol from Butterflies Radio (WWIR—World Wide Indie Radio) on Twitter Tuesday Live last night, and it was even more fun interacting with so many of our fans through […]

  59. […] enjoyed having them as guests today. You can here the whole show in full by going to this link  There is much much more to this show than my blog […]

  60. […] It was great to welcome Frank back with us and we wish him well with his new album! If you would like to hear the whole show, you will get to know Frank a bit better and get to hear some of his rocking tunes! Check out this link: […]

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