14 Jul 2014 @ 6:56 AM 


Mark and I would like to thank Californian Rock Singer SERVET for making a return visit to us on Twitter Tuesday Live.

It was great to catch up with him again and to be able to present some of his new songs of his up coming album. As always Servet provided us with great entertainment as well as awesome music!

 servet 1

 Every week we ask our guest to submit a selfie of them during the show…..so this was Servet’s! I swear that is not how he looked on the sound check when we were able to video with him, anyway I guess he is just a quick changer! lol

Please check out the hour long interview with had with Servet, it was a great show! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/07/08/episode-152-featuring-servet/


servet 2

 To find out more about SERVET head on over to his web page where you can check out his music, videos and much much more! http://vettyrocket.com/

 servet 3


Mark your calendars for TUESDAY 15TH JULY 8pm EST when BLACK JACKET www.blackjacketband.comwill be back with us to promote their latest album!

 servet 4


Friends Of Emmet (otherwise known as F.O.E) are a Rock band originally from Dublin, Ireland, but are now based between Dublin & Los Angeles CA.

 The band members are Mark Leddy (Vocals, Piano and Acoustic Guitar) Brian Lynam (Lead Guitar) Keith Geraghty (Bass), Gary Sullivan (Drums) & Tim Boland (Guitar & Keyboards).

 F.O.E. will release long player ‘State Of Mind’ in Mar 2014; the album consists of ten songs, all of which have been licensed to MTV & used on shows such as Jersey Shore,The Real World,FriendZone & The PaulyD Project.

 The band are also receiving airplay support in multiple countries including America, Canada, Germany, Italy,Scotland, Spain, England, Ireland, Australia, Wales, Ecuador, Sweden & Japan.

 To find out more about this band and how you can become part of Indie Music Bus please check out this link http://indiemusicbus.com/


 Hailing from Melbourne but comprising English brothers and a Western Australian, rock power-trio Elcaset defied huge distances and sibling rivalry to create their signature melodic-yet-gritty sound that invokes the grunge-led riffs of of Rival Schools, pithy vocal hooks of Biffy Clyro and powerpop cadence of Jimmy Eat World. And although the band only formed in mid 2012, Elcaset’s members are no rookies.

 As part of Failsafe, on was snapped up by Deck Cheese Records (UK home of The Living End and Jackson United) while 14,000 kms away, another cut his teeth in bands alongside Adam Spark (Birds of Tokyo) before touring with Gyroscope, Trial Kennedy & Calling All Cars in Perth’s Love You Not. Those early projects instilled a DIY rock’n’roll spirit which carried through to Elcaset’s beginnings and beyond, with a combination of hard work and blatant lies landing them their live debut as headliners at the world famous Esplanade Hotel.

 Further headline gigs followed at other well-known Melbourne venues before the band headed to Oaklands Studios to record their debut single, Losing Ground. Following the single’s original release on 8th September 2012, Elcaset landed support slots for the likes of Sydonia and Decortica (NZ) and have since lined up slots with Dallas Frasca and King of the North. http://www.elcasetmusic.com

and last but not least


Mark Lamdamnski would like to than everyone that turned out to his house in Florida and  supported Big Kettle Drum and Kids Beating Cancer on Saturday night!

Mark said “We had a great time and two more house gigs were booked tonight, Thanks a million to Brant Christopher Menswar and Jeffrey Todd Keel, along with Rick and Nathalie. You guys are awesome.

Shame that My hubby Mark and I couldnt have been there, I know it would have been an awesome night!
To find out more about BIG KETTLE DRUM please check out this link:http://www.bigkettledrum.com

Well, thats about it for this week

until next time








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 27 Jun 2014 @ 3:53 AM 

cousin johnMark and I had the great pleasure of meeting for the very first time all members of the COUSIN JOHN BAND. What a great bunch of guys they were too! We were joined by (going left to right on the above photo)  Dave O’Brien, Tim Howe, John Mobley and Joe Goltz, who all  joined us from their studio in Washington D.C. They already had me sussed out way before the show started and they knew all about me filling up the harddrive during a show! Today was no exeption and as always I had so much I wanted to find out about the band, however now that the show is only an hour long I have to squeeze as many questions in as I can, so I have to talk a lot lol  The bossman, Mark is always on my back, moving the show along lol. The whole interview was lots of fun and we really enjoyed chatting with them all, even if Tim was not happy about being sent off on a deserted island! Tim, I promise, you will be rescued one day!!!! Here is the link for the show :  http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/06/24/episode-151-with-the-cousin-john-band/

broken heart tatoo
tantric tattoo

During the hour long show, we featured three songs by the COUSIN JOHN BAND including one called BROKEN HEART TATOO whichalso happens to be the title of their latest CD. There is an official video to this song that shows the lead singer John Mobley being tattoed by tattoo artist Tina Marie, from TANTRIC TATTOO BOUTIQUE in Sandy Spring MD http://www.tantrictattoo.com/ John related the story behind the song and the tattoo, which is dedicated to his sister that passed away two years ago. A really lovely song, with meaningful lyrics, a wonderful memorial to his sister Sarajane. You can check out the video from this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOs4OFlGKwE


Cousin John Selfie

Selfies are becoming a part of Part of Twitter Tuesday Live as much as my dreaded deserted Island question! lol The guys from COUSIN JOHN BAND did not let me down! Thanks guys!

broken heart album

As heard in this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live BROKEN HEART TATTOO is the brand new album by COUSIN JOHN BAND and is available from this link http://www.cousinjohnband.com/music


also check out COUSIN JOHN BAND’s first album JELLYFISH available at this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jellyfish!/id490324171


If you would like to find out more about COUSIN JOHN BAND please check out their web page http://www.cousinjohnband.com/

manrk no

This selfie was taken during the show, Mark titled it “Trying to figure out when to interrupt Carol” lol he couldn’t do this without me really!!!

oh and there’s more……………………


here is WALTER HARGRAVE owner and driver of INDIE MUSIC BUS, great supporter of Twitter Tuesday Live and Independent music, this was taken of him listening to the show!  You just got to check Walter out:



Singer/songwriter from Long Beach California – SERVET will be joining us for the 2nd time on TUESDAY 8TH JULY at 8pm EST


There will be no show next week as I am going away to spend some time with my family.

broken romeo 6

aoede 7

Music from SPACESHIP DAY’S latest album release “Saving the Universe” has earned  this North Carolina band nominations in the Artists in Music Awards: Best Alternative Artist, Best Adult Contemporary, Best Music Video, Best Pop Artist, and Best Rock Artist.

They won Best Pop Artist at the  2012 awards , when fan voting broke the judges tie. Mark and I actually presented that award to them on the night! Let’s get them there again at the 2015 Awards!



Mark t shirt

and last but not least and yes another selfie of Mark,  but this time for a great cause!

Mark and I along with a few others help to support CHANCY JOHNSON by purchasing one of theseT-shirts, which  has our names on the head and the names of everyone who appears on his blog OUT OF THE WOODWORK http://chancyjohnson.com/

all proceeds go to help SOREN BRYCE make her new album! http://www.sorenbrycemartin.com/

oh and I bet mine will arrive in a few months seeing as I live on the other side of the world! lol

and that folks

is all I have time for this week, as I have to go and pack my bags for my mini holiday break!

See you all soon



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 22 Jun 2014 @ 11:35 PM 

Nita 1

Joining us for round two, our returning guest Nita Chawla is as talented as she is beautiful – or as beautiful as she is talented! Either way works just fine. She was a great guest and we loved having her on! (That’s Mark talking not me lol) The last time Nita was on he got tounge tied! lol btw that was back in September of 2012, so a lot has happened since then, including the making of her new album GRACE which is being released this week! Nita spent an hour with us, talking about the new songs that we featured from the new album! Nita is a joy to listen too! If you missed the show please check out this link http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/06/17/episode-150-with-nita-chawla/

Nita was more than obliging when it came to doing a selfie of herself during the show! Even got the duck face! Thanks Nita!

Nita Album Release party

Here is a photo of Nita at her album release party that was held at the weekend at The Lost Society in Washington D. C. Nita talks about it on the show!

Nita Chawla

Please check out her new album GRACE now available on ITunes https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/grace-ep/id797296766

You can also find out more on NITA CHAWLA from her web page http://nitachawla.com/

cousin john band

Join us next TUESDAY 24TH JUNE at the usual time of 8pm EST , when our guest will be Americana/Rock/Blues band COUSIN JOHN BAND.

This is their first time as guests on Twitter Tuesday Live, so come and give them some support! To find out more about the band, please click on this link: http://www.cousinjohnband.comglitter-rose

Outlaw Southern Rocker, GLITTER ROSE is currently taking submissions from artists looking for a producer for their next single, EP, or album. Glitter, has been professionally recording in the industry for 15 years and has self produced several titles.

She is partnered with engineer www.facebook.com/GsStudios and is able to  work locally in Los Angeles or virtually abroad. Please submit your demos by mp3 or link to glitterrosemusic@hotmail.com.



frank palangi

Rock artist from Queesnsbury New York FRANK PALANGI would like to thank everyone voting and playing his song  ‪#‎HHOPE‬ tune on Rock Revival https://apps.facebook.com/rockrevival/gallery.
He ended up  “MOST POPULAR” in the No1 spot!! That doesn’t mean a guaranteed win, but winner will be chosen around June 27th to play House of Blues in Chicago opening for a national act sometime soon! Including an expensive paid trip!
http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/frankpalangi6 – You can also still vote as well! Wishing you all the best Frank!


Sad to announce this but there was a security breach with an online music profile belonging to Boston singer/songwriter, JAMIE ALIMORAD Unfortunately it would seem his YouTube profile has also been compromised and his video for his song “Crawling Back To Me” has been taken down as a result! However he has have reuploaded the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OuT8WDWWIE). It was up over 400,000 views before! Let’s get it back there and beyond again!

Mark also found this article regarding YouTube Videos. Apparantly they are going to be taking down all videos belonging to Independent Artists!  http://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2014/06/18/youtube-is-about-to-delete-independent-artists-from-its-site/


JERRY FEE was a guest on Twitter Tuesday Live show back in when he was with the band THE GETAWAY CAR.

Jerry is now venturing into brand new territory with his music, while reaching back in time! He has released some new songs and you can get two free by clicking on this link  http://jerryfee.com/ Jerry is booked to come back on the show on 29th July, so please mark your calendars!

spaceship days

The countdown is on for the release of  SPACESHIP DAYS new album SAVING THE UNIVERSE. Mark and I can’t wait to catch up with the guys again, which of course is going to happen live on 5th August, so another date to put in your calendar!

I have already had the pleasure of hearing the whole album and I can honestly say its a “Yes” from me!

To find out more about this band please click on this link :http://www.spaceshipdaysmusic.com/

Well, thats all from me for another week

See you next time!


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 14 Jun 2014 @ 9:26 PM 


lauren 1


Recently Mark and I have been welcoming back previous guests to our Twitter Tuesday Live show. Today was no exception, when we welcomed back the beautiful and talented singer songwriter from New Jersey LAUREN MARSH!

Her energy and vibrancy is contagious! Returning for the second time and presenting us with three brand new songs from her next album! Lauren makes me fill up my hard drive pretty quick on the show as I wanted to ask her so many questions however, my hardrive ran out before I could ask her all that I wanted to ask! (btw the hard drive joke is a Twitter Tuesday Live joke for those that follow the show!)



Recently graduated from the William Patterson University, Lauren and is well on her way to a wonderful music career. She released her debut EP “Ready for Take Off” back in October 2012 and is in the process of producing new songs and a new video! She also announced on the show that she will be opening for HOWIE DAY On Saturday July 19th at the The Newton Theatre in Newton NJ! Tickets are on sale now at http://thenewtontheatre.com/TheNewtonTheatre/Howie_Day.html so excited for her!


Click on this link to hear some of Lauren’s new songs and hear the entire hour long interview with this very talented musician! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/06/10/episode-149-with-lauren-marsh/


lauren 3

Every guest who comes on the show is asked if they would do a selfie of themselves during the show, Lauren is the queen of selfies! Isn’t she gorgeous! Btw she was wearing a wonder woman tee shirt. Just about sums her up really!

Find out more about LAUREN MARSH by going to her web page: http://www.laurenmarsh.com/

 lauren 4

You can also follow Lauren on twitter @LMarshMusic and also Instagram http://instagram.com/laurenmarshmusic, she posts some great photos!


lauren 6

Returning to Twitter Tuesday next Tuesday 17th June and returning for the 2nd time, we have NITA CHAWLA. She is excited to be releasing her new album “Grace”. Mark and I are looking forward to catching up with her again and will be playing three of her new songs from the new album!

Tune in 8pm EST to the award winning show!

 For more information on Nita Chawla please check out her web page: http://nitachawla.com/

 broni 7lauren 7


Winners of this week’s MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATIONS – BAND OF THE MONTH is a band from Boulder called ROCKTIN GROVE with their song “Path Of Least Resistance”. I just happened to be on the panel that week and I know that I voted for this song, so I am please that they won this month!

The music we make stems from the great friendships we have. The seven of us were all destined for different paths, but through music we arrived at Rocktin Grove. Building from a love for funk, bluegrass, indie rock, classical, and world styles Rocktin Grove’s sound is a tasteful blend. Smooth fades, euphoric builds, infectious grooves, and soulful harmonies mix to form music that sweeps you away.

Also interested in sustainable agriculture, the seven of us believe music and community action can help improve and empower our world. Calling Boulder, Colorado our home, the mountains, beautiful blue sky, and deep powder keep us loving life and loving music.


If you would like to know how you can be part of “The Hit List” Head on over to http://msi.icweekly.net/ and check out the guys who make up Music Scene Investigations!

 lauren 8

Ok, so BLACK JACKET are a little late to jump on this Warped Tour bandwagon, but with a little help from everyone, we think you can push them up to the TOP in a mere three weeks! All you have to do is 1) click the link, 2) vote (no sign up required) and 3) play the tunes! It’s easy…let’s do this! http://warped.battleofthebands.com/u/blackjacket

If you would like to find out about this awesome rock band from Miami Florida please check their web page http://www.blackjacketband.com They are about to release a new album and they are also going to be returning as guests on Twitter Tuesday Live on 15th July!



And last but not least



Congratulations to the INDIE NEWS AT NEWS team for reaching their 1-year anniversary!

Rich Wildman from Music Scene Investigation and Mark Lamdanski from Butterflies Radio created the Indie News at Noon as a source of news related to the independent music industry.


lauren 9

The Bonnaroo Post from Indie News At Noon with Nashville Correspondent C Bret Campbell


lauren 10


 For more information on this please check out the article by New York Correspondent Diana Barnes http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2014/06/world5-cover-singing-contest-get-ready-to-sing-your-heart-out-for-the-grammy-award-winning-members-of-world5/

Click on this link for more news from the INN team http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2014/06/indie-news-at-noon-broadcast-for-06-11-2014/

Well, thats it for another week!

Until next time

This is Carol signing off!









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 07 Jun 2014 @ 10:59 PM 


It was our pleasure to welcome back this week,  for the second time  SOREN BRYCE. Soren who at just 17 is a multi instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, artist, actress, and video host! Hard to believe isn’t it that someone so young can be so talented, well she is! She has an incredible voice and is working hard to produce her debut EP.

Soren defended her title of “Best Folk/Acoustic Artist” at the 2014 Artist in Music Awards and also took the award for “Best Singer Songwriter” as well as performing live at this years event!

The first time we met Soren in January she blew me away with her song “DROUGHT” although not available on the new EP, it can still be purchased via her web page. During the show we also played GONE and THE PERFECT STORM, two songs that will be featured. I like the path that Soren is taking with this new EP and can’t wait to hear the finished product!

Check out her pledgemusic page http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/sorenbryce so far 69% funded with 24 days to go. I have just pledged and am looking forward to my signed CD!

During the show we talked about her up coming new EP and of course her love of Ben Howard, who I sent to rescue her from the deserted island that I put her on 6 months ago! Soren is a real pleasure to interview and I know that our live audience enjoyed her too! Check out the hour-long interview with her from this link: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/06/03/episode-148-with-soren-bryce/

 soren 2

We ask all our guests to take a selfie of them during the live show and of course she obliged! Thank you Soren, look forward to your next visit with us!

 To find out more about SOREN BRYCE check out her web page : http://www.sorenbrycemartin.com/


soren 3



CHANCY JOHNSON, model, actor, public figure and author of “Out of the Woodwork” is also working towards helping Soren Bryce reach her goal! He is selling these awesome t-shirts! Mark and I actually have our names on it, along with Soren and the guys from Spaceship Days to name but a few! Check out the link:

http://teespring.com/chancyjohnson also check out Chancy’s interview with Soren and other musicians from his web page http://chancyjohnson.com/ (btw I purchased my T-shirt today!)

 soren 4

TWITTER TUESDAY LIVE 10th JUNE 8PM EST – we welcome back for the second time, the beautiful and very talented LAUREN MARSH http://www.laurenmarsh.com.

Please be sure to join us live on the air and hear some of her newest songs!


soren 5


Another artist that I have just supported today is BRONI, singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia. This guy is awesome. We interviewed him for the second time a few months back and he is so much fun. Not only does he write great songs but the artwork on his CD’s are so damn cute! Even though you can go on Broni’s web page and download his songs for free, seriously for the $13 that I paid, in my opinion it is money well spent! I can’t wait for it to arrive and add it to my ever growing awesome collection!

If you would like to find out more about BRONI please check out this link: http://www.bronimusic.com/

and you can also check out our interview with him http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/04/08/episode-142-with-broni/

soren 6


Congratulation to WHITEMOOR on being voted INDIE MUSIC BUS – June Band of the Month! https://www.facebook.com/IndieMusicBus/posts/880089318674480 to find out more on how you can be band of the month, hop on the bus http://indiemusicbus.com/

WhiteMoor are a British Indie band who originate from Derby in the Midlands. They were formed in 2010 by Barrington Mole (Guitars, Backing Vocals), who enlisted the services of Benny Ryan (Lead Vocals). Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) completed the line up in 2012.

To find out more about WHITEMOOR please check out these links:


soren 7


Awesome news to share with you all. You may remember that back in December Mark went up to Raleigh in North Carolina to catch up with SPACESHIP DAYS during the filming of their video DECEMBER. Mark thought he was just going to be an extra, however he ended up actually introducing the song…well and I am getting to the point, the video has been nominated at The Carolina Music Awards for “Video of the Year” Now before I ask you all to go and vote, please check out the video for yourself, and then vote! Lol Lets get these guys on the map! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_upFU-XGJE oh and you can check out Mark at the beginning!

Ok now go and vote please:


 soren 8

Congratulations to AOEDE aka Lisa Sniderman on a very successful evening of the reading of her musical “What Are Dreams Made Of?” at the San Carlos Children’s Theatre in San Francisco! I am so happy for Lisa and am looking forward to the day when this goes into a full production!

To find out more about AOEDE and the Magical Kingdowm of Wonderhaven check out her web page: http://www.aoedemuse.com/

Here is a video link to the debut performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0brdRo9kAD4&feature=youtu.be San Carlos Children’s Theater Eron Block


 Mark and I were both guest panalists on MSI a couple of weeks ago. Great show with so much fun. So if you would like to see what we actually look like, check out this link http://msi.icweekly.net/previous/


And last but not least……………


Check out all the latest from INDIE NEWS AT NOON http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2014/06/indie-news-at-noon-broadcast-for-06-04-2014/ 

Well, thats it for another week!

Until next time





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 18 May 2014 @ 7:00 PM 


Broken Romeo rock! A must listen-to group!

Broken Romeo rock! A must listen-to group!

This week, Mark and I had so much fun with the guys from BROKEN ROMEO and like the first time they were on, we did a lot of laughing, and of course dropped a few “F” bombs along the way!

Calling in from their home in Tuscon Arizona, brothers James and Steven Turpin were joined by their bass player Ari Sloane. It was great to meet Ari who was unable to join us the last time!


broken romeo 2

Currently in the progress of producing new songs, we featured 3 new songs of their up coming new EP and they all “Rock! One song “Astronaut “ was only released a couple of days before Twitter Tuesday Live! This song is different from the usual sound of Broken Romeo, but just as awesome! It got a lot of good feedback from our live listening audience!

The reason I love these guys is because they have a passion for what they do! This band is so commercial ready that they could be picked up by any good record company at any time! I guess they just have to be in the right place at the right time, because they are up there with the rest of the rock bands out there!

broken romeo 3

So each week I have been asking our guests to send a selfie of themselves during the show….however this week, we were having so much fun on and off the air that I forgot! So I stole a selfie of the guys after they had listened to their song “The Astronaut” and it was a wrap! Thank god selfies are the norm for 2014 and that everyone is doing them! Thanks guys!!!!

broken romeo 4


Desperation Daze is their current album available from ITunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/desperation-daze/id474112423I will keep you posted when the new EP is released!

To find out more about BROKEN ROMEO, you can listen to the whole hour long interview with them from this link : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/05/13/episode-147-with-broken-romeo/

Also be sure to check out their official web page : http://www.brokenromeo.com/

broken romeo 5

MCKENNA LOREN will be joining us on next week’s show, so remember to put this in your calendar TUESDAY 20TH MAY 8PM EST. McKenna is from Phoenix, Arizona and if you would like to check out her music please go to her official web page:http://www.mckennaloren.com


AOEDE was our guest a couple of weeks ago and the San Carlos Children’s Theater will be hosting a staged reading of AOEDE’S award-winning audio book and musical story: “What Are Dreams Made Of?” a meld of magic, mythology and musical! Wishing you all the best of luck Lisa, Mark and I are so excited for you!


http://www.scctkids.com/auditions/what-are-dreams-made-of-auditions/ and http://whataredreamsmadeof.com/

broken romeo 6

Season IV has begun!

“Established in 2011, the Artists In Music Awards was originally created to honour and recognize the most talented and gifted artists.

Over the years, this tradition has evolved beyond the recognition of a singular art form with a desire to encompass all areas of Arts & Entertainment.

On April 28, 2014, Artists In Music Awards joined forces with the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts. SFOTA is an organization with two goals in mind – the dedication to empowering creative youth by providing scholarship opportunities to underprivileged children and providing an avenue to explore and express the arts through unity and community involvement. SOFTA is also dedicated to creating jobs for out of work artists using Federal aid through the resurrection of the Federal Art Project (FAP), a program with a focus on putting Artists back to work, but disappeared after the end of the Depression Era in 1943.”

This new partnership with the Artists In Music Awards and the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts is not only a new chapter for both organizations, but an exciting opportunity for all artists to be apart of.”

 Be a part of the 2015 ARTIST IN MUSIC AWARDS. For more information on the various categories and how to submit please check out this link: http://www.aimusicawards.com/


broken romeo 7

CHANCY JOHNSON is proud to announce his first ever line of comfy and affordable T-Shirts! Support positive artists by proudly wearing your brand new Tee. Mark and I have our names on it too…..so proud! Thank you Chancy, lets hope that you make your goal! (I have pre-ordered one.

Everything about this shirt is meant to support positive, rising artists: the design is Chancy’s head made up of the names of featured talent on www.chancyjohnson.com and those who have supported the site in its first seven months, it was designed by photographer/graphic designer Regan Nishikawa, and 25% OF ALL PROFIT WILL BE DONATED TO HELP PRODUCE SOREN BRYCE MARTIN’S NEW EP! To see where this portion of your money will go, check out her EP campaign here http://teespring.com/chancyjohnson


broken romeo 8broken romeo 9

 and the winner is……………..

Just A Little Different

by Skinny Bitches

“Robyn Craig and Ricardo Temporao are Toronto musicians and friends who decided to start jamming in early 2011 with him on guitar and her on drums. By experimenting with harmonies and heavy arrangements (reflecting influences from Belle and Sebastian to Death From Above) they tried singing with and against each other. From sweet sounding layers to biting reminders that duet is a four letter word, they figured they might be on to something a little different. Skinny Bitches was born. The focus became material that could reflect their love of rock’n’roll while writing melodies that allowed each voice to compliment the other. This concept is at the heart of their early video “Let’s Get Lost” (whose setting seems like that of a Brazilian carnival). After recording some demos they went on to play a few shows in Toronto and Montreal. Most recently, they released their self-produced EP “Debut” and accompanying video “Gunsmoke” which demonstrates how this may be pound for pound one of the loudest rock bands going… but then again they’re just a couple of Skinny Bitches.”

To check out more of their music please click this link : http://skinnybitches.bandcamp.com/

Find out more about MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATION and how you can become part of THE HIT LIST http://msi.icweekly.net/hitlist/  Also Mark and I will both be on the panel next Sunday at 4pm EST, so come and give us some support!

broken romeo 10


BILLY KAY country singer from Nashville, was at Ernie’s Smokehouse in Clifton this week, when a deaf woman got up really close to him and copied his body movements. Even though she couldn’t hear the music, it made her feel so happy. It also made Billy happy to know that he can have this affect on people! How awesome is that! Good onya Billy!


and last but not least…………..


gaia 11 Check out all the latest news from the INDIE NEWS AT NOON TEAM http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/


Well, thats just about all for this week!

Until next time





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 11 May 2014 @ 5:43 PM 

aoede 1

It was so lovely to welcome AOEDE aka Lisa Sniderman  back for the second time on this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live. When you are in the presence of Lisa, she puts a smile upon your face, and has this way of making you feel so good! Our live audience thought so too! Lisa is one of those people that is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too!

A multi-talented singer/songwriter whose hard work in this independent industry is paying off she is finally getting the recognitions she justly deserves!

aoede 2

AOEDE’S most recent achievement was being nominated in 8 categories at the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards and winning two awards – Best Folk Artist for her song “Perfect Day” and Best Alternative Song for “Gravity” During the show we talked about and played these two songs. The other song that we presented on this week’s show was IS LOVE A FAIRY TALE and this song has been nominated in the 13th Annual, here is the link to vote for AOEDE http://www.independentmusicawards.com/imanominee/13th/Song/Childrens-Music


aoede 3

Last time AOEDE was on our show, we talked about her album “Is Love a Fairy Tale” in which we were introduced to Aoede the muse of music and her wonderful adventure in Wonder Haven on her quest to find out what love really is! This week, we found out more about the second album “What are Dreams Made of?” in which Aoede has a bad dream, children go missing, and Aoede has to explore both overland and underworld where she meets magical characters including fairies, goblins and dream gods, to get to the heart of her dream…

This is a wonderful audio CD, made for children of all ages, including those who still believe in fantasy and magic, and never want to grow up!…that would be me! lol There are such wonderful characters featured throughout the story, and it is best listened to!

The most amazing news of all, and I for one am so excited about this, is that on 24th May at the Carlos Children’s Theater in San Francisco, there is going to be a reading from start to finish of this whole CD, for more information please click this link: http://www.scctkids.com/auditions/what-are-dreams-made-of-auditions/

I am hoping that one day it goes to a full stage production! I can just see it now, with all the wonderful characters like, Luk, Aislin, Morpheus and Phantasos coming to life before our eyes!!!!! Rest assured I will keep you posted on any developments!!!!!

aoede 4

Its becoming the norm now for all our guests to send me a selfie of themselves during the show! Lisa was more than willing, and here she is with her Ukulele and the most adorable hat I have seen in a long time, btw its made out of neckties…..how cool is that!

Anyway, you can find out more about the Lisa, the hat and of course her music by listening to the hour-long show. Please check out this link : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/05/06/episode-146-with-aoede/

And of course to find out more about AOEDE please check out her official web page http://www.aoedemuse.com/


aoede 5

Mark your calandars for TUESDAY 13TH MAY 2014 8pm EST when our guests returning to us for the 2nd time will be BROKEN ROMEO. Mark and I are looking forward to welcoming them back and to hearing what they have been up to since we last met in August 2012! They have 3 more awesome songs for us to present to our listeners….so please stay tuned!


Mark and I work very hard trying to promoted Independent Artists and there are times when we wonder why we put in so much effort when we get nothing back…..then all of a sudden you go to your mail box and you open a parcel and inside is a gift from an artist with a message of thanks! Thank you BILLY KAY you made my day! if you missed our show with Billy please check out this link: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/04/01/episode-141-will-billy-kay/ and you can also check out Billy’s web page http://billykaymusic.com/




What we do matters, even if its only to one person at a time…

“Last night I attended a show of one of my all time favorite bands, Spaceship Days. I departed with my ears ringing , a smile on my face, and my head full of music…and decidedly a much happier person. And possibly even slightly younger then when I arrived.”

This is a snippet of a letter received from a fan who attended a recent SPACESHIP DAYS concert in Raleigh North Carolina…. a reflection of how this fan felt after hearing the band play! http://www.spaceshipdaysmusic.com/cpt_news/hourglass/


aoede 7

To find out more about SPACESHIP DAYS check out their official band page: http://www.spaceshipdaysmusic.com/


They also did an official video for their song DECEMBER in which my partner in crime, Mark Lamdanski had a cameo role. He had so much fun catching up with the guys and taking part in the video, he even got to introduce it! Not seen it yet? Then check out this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_upFU-XGJE

aoede 8

DAVID STARR is an Americana singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist living in Cedaredge, Colorado. His music has roots in Arkansas blues, country rock and classic rock. David joined Mark and I at the end of 2013, in fact he was our last guest of the year!

David recently had a very successful show at The Rutledge in Nashville, Tennesee and has more shows planned over the next few months. Check out his calendar to see if he is playing in a town near you!  http://www.davidstarrmusic.com/

I was listening to his music recently and my favourite song at the moment is “Feels Like Coming Home” love the lyrics to this song!

Check out more of his music http://www.reverbnation.com/davidstarrmusic

You can also check out the fun interview we had with David http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2013/12/10/episode-130-with-david-starr/

David, come back and visit us soon!

aoede 9

CHANCY JOHNSON, actor, model and writer of “Out of the Woodwork”, has some really exciting news. The Fox commercial that he was in during the Super Bowl is up for an EMMY! Wow how exciting! Congratulations Chancy! Please remember to mention us when you receive it! Now if you would like to view this commercial please check out this link : http://vimeo.com/87207767 got to love those penguin jammies!

You can check out our interview with Chancy: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/02/11/episode-136-with-chancy-johnson/


aoede 10

TYLER MATL winner of the “Best Teen Pop Artist” at this years Artist in Music Awards, has just released an official video for his latest single GRAVITY, it’s really cute, I would so love for somebody to do that for me if I was feeling down….. you got to check it out now to see what I am on about! Lol Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL8rSeuJ5z0 Tyler has been a guest of ours twice now, and he is such a fun guy to interview! To find out more about Tyler please check out his web page http://www.tylermatl.com/


You can also check out our interview with Tyler http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/03/11/episode-140-with-tyler-matl/


And last but not least………………

gaia 11


Check out all the latest news from INDIE NEWS AT NOON



and finally

Mother's Day 2014 calendar (1)

Until next time

Have a great week










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 05 May 2014 @ 6:15 PM 

AW 1

Boston based rock band AWAIT RESCUE returned for the 3rd time on this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live! I am pleased to say that this time we actually had all four of them! Yes, we are pleased to announce that Matt decided to join his fellow band members Johnny, Corey and Drew this time. The last time we lost him to Superman!

It was great catching up with the guys again; they are a lot of fun and always seem to bring out the worst in Mark for some reason! They have been really busy the past month taking part in the 35th Annual Rock and Rumble event in Boston! I am proud to announce that they got 3rd place and received some awesome prizes!

AW 2

For followers of Twitter Tuesday Live and my newsletters, you will know that every week we ask our guests to do a selfie of themselves during the show, well, the guys went one further, with a collection of photos, including one of the adorable Bulldogs….omg isn’t he adorable!

AW 3

As AWAIT RESCUE are currently promoting their album “Everyone You Know” which they released just over a year ago, we played a couple of tracks from this CD, that we didn’t play when they were last with us! This album is available from https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/everyone-you-know-ep/id626884977

On this week’s show we also presented their brand new single FORMS OF FLIGHT, another rocking tune! Hoping to produce a new album in the not so distant future, and when it is, we will be inviting the guys back for round 4. Oh and I finally released them from their deserted islands…they are now all free!!!!!!

AW 4


Find out more about AWAIT RESCUE  by checking out their web page: http://www.awaitrescue.com/ also check out their live performance at the ROCK AND ROLL RUMBLE 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plz1YUEeLWU

As always AWAIT RESCUE were a lot of fun! Please check out the whole interview from this link : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/category/podcast/

AW 5

LISA SNIDERMAN aka AOEDE will be joining us for the second time on next week’s Twitter Tuesday Live 6th May 8pm EST. Lisa has just recently won two awards at the Indie Music Channel Awards, so we can’t wait to hear all about that, plus, how her latest children’s album WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF is about to be brought to life! Lisa is an awesome person; please mark your calendars for next Tuesday! http://www.aoedemuse.com

AW 6BRONI is an awesome singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia has just released his self titled EP and is available from http://bronimusic.com/ep-broni-self-titled. I will certainly be buying a hard copy of this as it comes in a wonderful package and is well worth spending $10 on!

To find out more about BRONI please go to his official web page: http://bronimusic.com/

Also check out our interview with Broni http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/04/08/episode-142-with-broni/


AW 7

Congratulations to MARY SARAH for winning this months INDIE MUSIC BUS Artist of the month!

“Mary Sarah is a beautiful young lady with a beautiful voice” – Willie Nelson

“Bridges – Great American Duets” is one hell of a calling card, it gives Mary Sarah one heck of a lot to live up to, but I, for one, wouldn’t bet against her and if classic country is your thing, I’d make a beeline straight for this one.” – Neil King – FATEA

“At 18, Mary Sarah can already be considered a veteran of the entertainment industry……” – Jesus Acevedo – Fort Bend Herald

 Please check out INDIE MUSIC BUS for the whole write up http://indiemusicbus.com/

AW 8

CHANCY JOHNSON recently interviewed “So You Think You Can Dance” Star MALECE MILLER. Check out the whole interview on his “Out of the Woodwork” blog page www.chancyjohnson.com.

AW 9


Registration has begun for the 2015 ARTIST IN MUSIC AWARDS Please sign up for their newsletter. All subscribers will be first to find out how to register http://www.reverbnation.com/page_object/join_mailing_list/label_23319

To find out more about the Artist in Music Awards please check out this link: http://www.aimusicawards.com/

soren bryce


Join SOREN BRYCE in making her new EP. Soren is a seventeen year old folk/acoustic musician. She’s a self taught instrumentalist who wrote her first song on the piano at the tender age of 7 or 8 years old. Violin was her first instrument, but she also plays the banjo and guitar. She picked up a guitar at the age of 14 and fell in love. Since then she has written well over a hundred songs and written and composed music for several of the projects in which she has starred in Hollywood. Her mature lyrics combined with her soulful voice and distinct guitar compositions, are a recipe for creating songs well beyond her years. Soren recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. She has been writing and recording with Justin Glasco and Grammy-nominated, Eric Robinson.

Check out the link http://www.prlog.org/12318544-join-soren-bryce-in-creating-her-new-ep.html 


Great Review of BILLY KAY’S album “ Bellmore” in Vents Magazine!

Check the review from this link http://ventsmagazine.com/review-of-bellmore-ep-by-billy-kay-written-by-musicfridaylive/



and last but not least…………………………

gaia 11

Check out all the latest news from INDIE NEWS AT NOON http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2014/04/indie-news-at-noon-broadcast-for-04-30-2014/


Well thats just about all from me for this week,

 Until next time

 Have a good one









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 27 Apr 2014 @ 6:07 PM 

j punch

Mark and I finally got to meet the guys behind the music of J-PUNCH this week! We have had their music on our rotation for a couple of years now, when we first added some of their songs from their album STICK FIGURE GUY!

We had a great time getting to know a bit more about them and to talk to about the new music that they are currently producing!

Justin Katz and Dave Moonshine make up J-PUNCH and what awesome guys they are too! Calling in from  opposite sides of the USA, Dave in L.A and Justin in Washington DC they were a lot of fun! Listening to them talk to each other, they are not unlike Mark and I when we host the show together! They told us they used to do a radio show themselves back in the day and I think they should get back into it, they not only produce great music but they are informative and very entertaining!

jpunch 2

At the start of the year Mark and I decided to do this feature, where by our guests all do a selfie of themselves during the show…….well, Justin was up for it….wait for it………

 J punch 3


Dave got a bit tangled up in the wires during the show! Maybe he is a real Cyborg!

j punch 4


It’s hard to put a genre on J-PUNCH – Down Tempo, Ambient, Electronica, Unique Sound or even Bone Pop! One thing that is certain is that it is very unique!

STICK FIGURE GUY was one of the first albums that got Mark and I interested in J-Punch and Dave Moonshine, and in the show we talk about how they came up with the concept of this album! This is a great chill-out album! Check it out in ITunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stick-figure-guy/id591196687

j punch 5

On this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live we featured 3 of their newer songs. They are also in the process of recording a new album and we look forward to hearing that! In May they will be releasing a new single called ALL THIS WAY, so I will keep everyone updated on that, so stay tuned!

J-PUNCH is also producing music for sci-fi movies. I was very excited to read that they had become involved with N1ON and a short movie called TRUE SKIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoj4Qv7nrN8

which has been picked up by Warner Brothers for a possible full-length feature film! There are no further details on this, however I will be following this and keeping you up to date! You can also check out the blog for J-Punch, he explains it much better than I do!


Please check out the hour-long interview with Justin Katz and Dave Moonshine, two very talented guys! We really enjoyed having them on the show! Awesome guys and look forward to having them back in the not too distant future!


 j punch 6To find out more about J-PUNCH please check out their web page: http://www.jpunch.com

You can also hear all their music on SOUNDCLOUD and they have even included our interview with them on there! Awesome! https://soundcloud.com/j-punch

j punch 7

TUESDAY 29TH APRIL back for round 3 we have Boston band AWAIT RESCUE. The only thing guaranteed to be normal on this show will be the music! These guys are unpredictable and fun to interview and they always seem to bring out the worst in Mark! Please make an note in your calendars for a night of Music and Mayhem! http://www.wwirradio.com 8pm EST

 j punch 8

JOSH DAMIGO, one of San Diego’s finest musicians, has some great news.He has just signed by Randm Records! To celebrate he is selling his back catalogue of music for $5! Seriously, that is not a lot of money to pay to hear Josh, he is probably one of the best, acoustic artists that I have ever heard! I have also had the pleasure of hearing him play live and he is bloody awesome! He has come such a long way from living out of his car!

His Album HOPE is part of my collection and is a great album! Get your copy today from: http://music.randmrecords.com/album/hope

 j punch 9

If you are in the San Diego area, then go along to the HOUSE OF BLUES on MAY 5TH and every Monday and see JOSH DAMIGO with his band The FREELOADERS.

Be prepared to be blown away!

Mark and I are looking forward to hearing some of his new music and we have booked for him to make his 3rd appearance on Twitter Tuesday Live sometime in September!

Love you Josh!



For yall in Texas, GLITTER ROSE will be performing at the Dallas International Guitar Festival with the famous Brady Blade on drums on SATURDAY 3RD MAY  Get your tickets at www.guitarshow.com

 j punch 10

2-time award winning Long Island, NY brother duos, The Como Brothers Band were guest of Mikey Jayy on this week’s The Great Unknowns Presents  KGUP 106.5FM “The Emerge Radio Networks”

I love these guys and recently bought their album BABY STEPS to add to my CD Collection!

Please check out their interview with Mikey at this link: https://soundcloud.com/tgup/the-como-brothers-band-interview-with-mikey-jayy-episode-171

 j punch 11

 THE COMO BROTHERS are playing live next Saturday May 3rd at THE PORT JEFFERSON MARINERS FESTIVAL in Port Jefferson New York. So if you are in that area, go out and check them out!

For more information visit the Greater Port Jeff-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council or http://www.portjeff.com/2014/03/2014-port-jefferson-maritime-festival/

and last but not least…………………

 gaia 11

Here is all the latest news from INDIE NEWS AT NOON http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2014/04/indie-news-at-noon-broadcast-for-04-23-2014/

INN is looking for radio stations to broadcast our weekly news break! If you are Interested please check out this link http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/affiliates/

Well, thats all from me for this week!

Until next time




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 19 Apr 2014 @ 8:16 PM 


Mark and I had a great time talking with the band members from CRASHFUSE.

Chad Hornberger (Vocals/Guitar),Colin Eberhardt (Drums),Nick Wnuk (Bass) and Mike Butler (Lead Guitar) joined us from Buffalo New York.

This band first caught my attention when they submitted their song “JUST A LITTLE”  to the station last year. After hearing the song  it made me want to go to their web site and check out more of their music.  I really liked what I heard and decided to invite them to join us as guests on Twitter Tuesday Live, so that I could introduce them to our followers and hopefully get them heard in other parts of the world!

What a great bunch of guys! Seriously, these guys are well worth following as I feel this young band could go far in the not too distant future! Not only are they awesome musicians, they were great interviewees too! They were  so much fun to talk to and I know that our listeners who tuned in to the show live, really enjoyed listening to them too! They even enjoyed being sent off to a deserted island! Lol

crashfuse 2

This year we are asking all our guests to do a selfie of themselves during the show, the guys were quick to agree! So they rushed outside amidst the cold, along with “The Most Interesting Man in the World” From left to right: Colin, Mike, the interesting man, Nick, and Chad! Onya guys!!!

crashfuse 3

CRASHFUSE have just released a 12 track CD and during the show we played three tracks from this album. I will be adding this album to my collection, you can be sure of that!  I also like The Girl, Waiting and Crossroads, great tracks! This album is available from this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/between-you-me-lamppost/id858791640

crashfuse 4

Check out all of their up coming shows! They maybe playing at a venue near you! if they are go check them out!

crashfuse 5

So who the hell are this band called CRASHFUSE, check them out!  http://www.crashfuse.com/ These stubby coolers are so cool, I think im going to have to get some for my pool bar! oh and they have some great T-shirts, so be sure to check them out too!

Such a good show, and if you missed it live, never fear, you can hear the podcast! We are an award winning show and we only have the best guests! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/04/15/episode-143-with-crashfuse/

Thanks guys for a great show! See you next time!

j punch


Next week our guest will be J PUNCH and we look forward to meeting J-Punch and Dave Moonshine.



crashfuse 6

Meet  LYDIA NICOLAIDES. Lydia  is one of our biggest supporters for Twitter Tuesday Live. Lydia tunes in every week, from her warm bed in London (for her it is 1am), sometimes she forgets the time when the clocks change and sometimes she falls asleep and has to catch the podcast, but she has been turning up every week for nearly 2 years! Known as @lydiathepixie  on twitter, she has become our little London pixie and we love her to death!

Lydia is a folk singer and goes by the name of ROSERED and THE BUTTERFLIES. She also has a web page and you can even subscribe to her newsletter and become a Gumling! http://www.roseredmusic.com/

She has the funnies Facebook page and posts all these ramdom photos that never fail to make me laugh! When Lydia is not working she can be found co-hosting BLUE MONDAY, which is a monthly live acoustic music night that has been created for lesbian and bi sexual women and draws both a gay and straight following of music lovers. Broadcasting live from THE BOOGALOO in HIGHGATE LONDON on every 2nd Monday of every month. From wht I have seen of the live streams, they seem to have a lot of fun!

This week, Lydia had a challenge that she had to fulfillTo write a song for her 300th follower on Facebook in any style and about anything they want. They had to Like her page and then Leave a comment of what they want their song to be about.

And the winner was……….


This was his comment he left for Lydia: Ok so I’ll go with folky for the style. I’d like it to be about a road trip across America starting in LA, taking in dealey plaza in Dallas then Washington, D.C. to see John f Kennedy’s eternal flame and finishing in New York with large amounts of shopping. That’s my ideal road trip. How does that sound ?
Lydia’s Response: Ooo can Hodor be on your roadtrip?

RESULT: Hodder & Hodor – My Ideal Roadtrip by RoseRed And The Butterflies ~ copyright 2014

Riding in the car facing an open road
Heading to L.A, Dallas, D.C, New York
Hodor in the back seat, Hodder in the front seat
Talking about who they’ll meet
Posing on the highway, Mapping out the next days
Listening to Hodor on repeat….

Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Hitting L.A, Feeling the breeze, Take in the Dealey Plaza Scene
Stand on the grassy knoll, High and tall
Feel like i’m in 1963…
Ho oh oh Hodder and Hodor, Ho oh oh Hodder and Hodor

Laughing in the car talking Game of Thrones
Stopping on the highways for a classic pose
Hodor in the back seat, Hodder in the front seat
Thinking about where to eat
Cruising on the freeways, Camping out at midday
Taking in the city streets…

Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Seeing J.F.K’s eternal flame, Walking round Washington DC
Hitting L.A, Feeling the breeze, Going on a New York shopping spree….
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip

 Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkNr1iRhDqk

And last but not least……………….

gaia 11 Here is all the latest from INDIE NEWS AT NOON



indie music bus

If you want exposure for your music, please check out INDIE MUSIC BUS

Walter Hargrave is the best promoter I know! He works is butt off for all Independent Musicians.

So go and give him a visit!


Well thats all from me for this week, I hope you all have a very safe and happy Easter!

so until next time


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