27 Jun 2014 @ 3:53 AM 

cousin johnMark and I had the great pleasure of meeting for the very first time all members of the COUSIN JOHN BAND. What a great bunch of guys they were too! We were joined by (going left to right on the above photo)  Dave O’Brien, Tim Howe, John Mobley and Joe Goltz, who all  joined us from their studio in Washington D.C. They already had me sussed out way before the show started and they knew all about me filling up the harddrive during a show! Today was no exeption and as always I had so much I wanted to find out about the band, however now that the show is only an hour long I have to squeeze as many questions in as I can, so I have to talk a lot lol  The bossman, Mark is always on my back, moving the show along lol. The whole interview was lots of fun and we really enjoyed chatting with them all, even if Tim was not happy about being sent off on a deserted island! Tim, I promise, you will be rescued one day!!!! Here is the link for the show :  http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/06/24/episode-151-with-the-cousin-john-band/

broken heart tatoo
tantric tattoo

During the hour long show, we featured three songs by the COUSIN JOHN BAND including one called BROKEN HEART TATOO whichalso happens to be the title of their latest CD. There is an official video to this song that shows the lead singer John Mobley being tattoed by tattoo artist Tina Marie, from TANTRIC TATTOO BOUTIQUE in Sandy Spring MD http://www.tantrictattoo.com/ John related the story behind the song and the tattoo, which is dedicated to his sister that passed away two years ago. A really lovely song, with meaningful lyrics, a wonderful memorial to his sister Sarajane. You can check out the video from this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOs4OFlGKwE


Cousin John Selfie

Selfies are becoming a part of Part of Twitter Tuesday Live as much as my dreaded deserted Island question! lol The guys from COUSIN JOHN BAND did not let me down! Thanks guys!

broken heart album

As heard in this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live BROKEN HEART TATTOO is the brand new album by COUSIN JOHN BAND and is available from this link http://www.cousinjohnband.com/music


also check out COUSIN JOHN BAND’s first album JELLYFISH available at this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jellyfish!/id490324171


If you would like to find out more about COUSIN JOHN BAND please check out their web page http://www.cousinjohnband.com/

manrk no

This selfie was taken during the show, Mark titled it “Trying to figure out when to interrupt Carol” lol he couldn’t do this without me really!!!

oh and there’s more……………………


here is WALTER HARGRAVE owner and driver of INDIE MUSIC BUS, great supporter of Twitter Tuesday Live and Independent music, this was taken of him listening to the show!  You just got to check Walter out:



Singer/songwriter from Long Beach California – SERVET will be joining us for the 2nd time on TUESDAY 8TH JULY at 8pm EST


There will be no show next week as I am going away to spend some time with my family.

broken romeo 6

aoede 7

Music from SPACESHIP DAY’S latest album release “Saving the Universe” has earned  this North Carolina band nominations in the Artists in Music Awards: Best Alternative Artist, Best Adult Contemporary, Best Music Video, Best Pop Artist, and Best Rock Artist.

They won Best Pop Artist at the  2012 awards , when fan voting broke the judges tie. Mark and I actually presented that award to them on the night! Let’s get them there again at the 2015 Awards!



Mark t shirt

and last but not least and yes another selfie of Mark,  but this time for a great cause!

Mark and I along with a few others help to support CHANCY JOHNSON by purchasing one of theseT-shirts, which  has our names on the head and the names of everyone who appears on his blog OUT OF THE WOODWORK http://chancyjohnson.com/

all proceeds go to help SOREN BRYCE make her new album! http://www.sorenbrycemartin.com/

oh and I bet mine will arrive in a few months seeing as I live on the other side of the world! lol

and that folks

is all I have time for this week, as I have to go and pack my bags for my mini holiday break!

See you all soon



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