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Broken Romeo rock! A must listen-to group!

Broken Romeo rock! A must listen-to group!

This week, Mark and I had so much fun with the guys from BROKEN ROMEO and like the first time they were on, we did a lot of laughing, and of course dropped a few “F” bombs along the way!

Calling in from their home in Tuscon Arizona, brothers James and Steven Turpin were joined by their bass player Ari Sloane. It was great to meet Ari who was unable to join us the last time!


broken romeo 2

Currently in the progress of producing new songs, we featured 3 new songs of their up coming new EP and they all “Rock! One song “Astronaut “ was only released a couple of days before Twitter Tuesday Live! This song is different from the usual sound of Broken Romeo, but just as awesome! It got a lot of good feedback from our live listening audience!

The reason I love these guys is because they have a passion for what they do! This band is so commercial ready that they could be picked up by any good record company at any time! I guess they just have to be in the right place at the right time, because they are up there with the rest of the rock bands out there!

broken romeo 3

So each week I have been asking our guests to send a selfie of themselves during the show….however this week, we were having so much fun on and off the air that I forgot! So I stole a selfie of the guys after they had listened to their song “The Astronaut” and it was a wrap! Thank god selfies are the norm for 2014 and that everyone is doing them! Thanks guys!!!!

broken romeo 4


Desperation Daze is their current album available from ITunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/desperation-daze/id474112423I will keep you posted when the new EP is released!

To find out more about BROKEN ROMEO, you can listen to the whole hour long interview with them from this link : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/05/13/episode-147-with-broken-romeo/

Also be sure to check out their official web page : http://www.brokenromeo.com/

broken romeo 5

MCKENNA LOREN will be joining us on next week’s show, so remember to put this in your calendar TUESDAY 20TH MAY 8PM EST. McKenna is from Phoenix, Arizona and if you would like to check out her music please go to her official web page:http://www.mckennaloren.com


AOEDE was our guest a couple of weeks ago and the San Carlos Children’s Theater will be hosting a staged reading of AOEDE’S award-winning audio book and musical story: “What Are Dreams Made Of?” a meld of magic, mythology and musical! Wishing you all the best of luck Lisa, Mark and I are so excited for you!


http://www.scctkids.com/auditions/what-are-dreams-made-of-auditions/ and http://whataredreamsmadeof.com/

broken romeo 6

Season IV has begun!

“Established in 2011, the Artists In Music Awards was originally created to honour and recognize the most talented and gifted artists.

Over the years, this tradition has evolved beyond the recognition of a singular art form with a desire to encompass all areas of Arts & Entertainment.

On April 28, 2014, Artists In Music Awards joined forces with the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts. SFOTA is an organization with two goals in mind – the dedication to empowering creative youth by providing scholarship opportunities to underprivileged children and providing an avenue to explore and express the arts through unity and community involvement. SOFTA is also dedicated to creating jobs for out of work artists using Federal aid through the resurrection of the Federal Art Project (FAP), a program with a focus on putting Artists back to work, but disappeared after the end of the Depression Era in 1943.”

This new partnership with the Artists In Music Awards and the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts is not only a new chapter for both organizations, but an exciting opportunity for all artists to be apart of.”

 Be a part of the 2015 ARTIST IN MUSIC AWARDS. For more information on the various categories and how to submit please check out this link: http://www.aimusicawards.com/


broken romeo 7

CHANCY JOHNSON is proud to announce his first ever line of comfy and affordable T-Shirts! Support positive artists by proudly wearing your brand new Tee. Mark and I have our names on it too…..so proud! Thank you Chancy, lets hope that you make your goal! (I have pre-ordered one.

Everything about this shirt is meant to support positive, rising artists: the design is Chancy’s head made up of the names of featured talent on www.chancyjohnson.com and those who have supported the site in its first seven months, it was designed by photographer/graphic designer Regan Nishikawa, and 25% OF ALL PROFIT WILL BE DONATED TO HELP PRODUCE SOREN BRYCE MARTIN’S NEW EP! To see where this portion of your money will go, check out her EP campaign here http://teespring.com/chancyjohnson


broken romeo 8broken romeo 9

 and the winner is……………..

Just A Little Different

by Skinny Bitches

“Robyn Craig and Ricardo Temporao are Toronto musicians and friends who decided to start jamming in early 2011 with him on guitar and her on drums. By experimenting with harmonies and heavy arrangements (reflecting influences from Belle and Sebastian to Death From Above) they tried singing with and against each other. From sweet sounding layers to biting reminders that duet is a four letter word, they figured they might be on to something a little different. Skinny Bitches was born. The focus became material that could reflect their love of rock’n’roll while writing melodies that allowed each voice to compliment the other. This concept is at the heart of their early video “Let’s Get Lost” (whose setting seems like that of a Brazilian carnival). After recording some demos they went on to play a few shows in Toronto and Montreal. Most recently, they released their self-produced EP “Debut” and accompanying video “Gunsmoke” which demonstrates how this may be pound for pound one of the loudest rock bands going… but then again they’re just a couple of Skinny Bitches.”

To check out more of their music please click this link : http://skinnybitches.bandcamp.com/

Find out more about MUSIC SCENE INVESTIGATION and how you can become part of THE HIT LIST http://msi.icweekly.net/hitlist/  Also Mark and I will both be on the panel next Sunday at 4pm EST, so come and give us some support!

broken romeo 10


BILLY KAY country singer from Nashville, was at Ernie’s Smokehouse in Clifton this week, when a deaf woman got up really close to him and copied his body movements. Even though she couldn’t hear the music, it made her feel so happy. It also made Billy happy to know that he can have this affect on people! How awesome is that! Good onya Billy!


and last but not least…………..


gaia 11 Check out all the latest news from the INDIE NEWS AT NOON TEAM http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/


Well, thats just about all for this week!

Until next time





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