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It was so lovely to welcome AOEDE aka Lisa Sniderman  back for the second time on this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live. When you are in the presence of Lisa, she puts a smile upon your face, and has this way of making you feel so good! Our live audience thought so too! Lisa is one of those people that is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too!

A multi-talented singer/songwriter whose hard work in this independent industry is paying off she is finally getting the recognitions she justly deserves!

aoede 2

AOEDE’S most recent achievement was being nominated in 8 categories at the 2014 Indie Music Channel Awards and winning two awards – Best Folk Artist for her song “Perfect Day” and Best Alternative Song for “Gravity” During the show we talked about and played these two songs. The other song that we presented on this week’s show was IS LOVE A FAIRY TALE and this song has been nominated in the 13th Annual, here is the link to vote for AOEDE http://www.independentmusicawards.com/imanominee/13th/Song/Childrens-Music


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Last time AOEDE was on our show, we talked about her album “Is Love a Fairy Tale” in which we were introduced to Aoede the muse of music and her wonderful adventure in Wonder Haven on her quest to find out what love really is! This week, we found out more about the second album “What are Dreams Made of?” in which Aoede has a bad dream, children go missing, and Aoede has to explore both overland and underworld where she meets magical characters including fairies, goblins and dream gods, to get to the heart of her dream…

This is a wonderful audio CD, made for children of all ages, including those who still believe in fantasy and magic, and never want to grow up!…that would be me! lol There are such wonderful characters featured throughout the story, and it is best listened to!

The most amazing news of all, and I for one am so excited about this, is that on 24th May at the Carlos Children’s Theater in San Francisco, there is going to be a reading from start to finish of this whole CD, for more information please click this link: http://www.scctkids.com/auditions/what-are-dreams-made-of-auditions/

I am hoping that one day it goes to a full stage production! I can just see it now, with all the wonderful characters like, Luk, Aislin, Morpheus and Phantasos coming to life before our eyes!!!!! Rest assured I will keep you posted on any developments!!!!!

aoede 4

Its becoming the norm now for all our guests to send me a selfie of themselves during the show! Lisa was more than willing, and here she is with her Ukulele and the most adorable hat I have seen in a long time, btw its made out of neckties…..how cool is that!

Anyway, you can find out more about the Lisa, the hat and of course her music by listening to the hour-long show. Please check out this link : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/05/06/episode-146-with-aoede/

And of course to find out more about AOEDE please check out her official web page http://www.aoedemuse.com/


aoede 5

Mark your calandars for TUESDAY 13TH MAY 2014 8pm EST when our guests returning to us for the 2nd time will be BROKEN ROMEO. Mark and I are looking forward to welcoming them back and to hearing what they have been up to since we last met in August 2012! They have 3 more awesome songs for us to present to our listeners….so please stay tuned!


Mark and I work very hard trying to promoted Independent Artists and there are times when we wonder why we put in so much effort when we get nothing back…..then all of a sudden you go to your mail box and you open a parcel and inside is a gift from an artist with a message of thanks! Thank you BILLY KAY you made my day! if you missed our show with Billy please check out this link: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/04/01/episode-141-will-billy-kay/ and you can also check out Billy’s web page http://billykaymusic.com/




What we do matters, even if its only to one person at a time…

“Last night I attended a show of one of my all time favorite bands, Spaceship Days. I departed with my ears ringing , a smile on my face, and my head full of music…and decidedly a much happier person. And possibly even slightly younger then when I arrived.”

This is a snippet of a letter received from a fan who attended a recent SPACESHIP DAYS concert in Raleigh North Carolina…. a reflection of how this fan felt after hearing the band play! http://www.spaceshipdaysmusic.com/cpt_news/hourglass/


aoede 7

To find out more about SPACESHIP DAYS check out their official band page: http://www.spaceshipdaysmusic.com/


They also did an official video for their song DECEMBER in which my partner in crime, Mark Lamdanski had a cameo role. He had so much fun catching up with the guys and taking part in the video, he even got to introduce it! Not seen it yet? Then check out this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_upFU-XGJE

aoede 8

DAVID STARR is an Americana singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist living in Cedaredge, Colorado. His music has roots in Arkansas blues, country rock and classic rock. David joined Mark and I at the end of 2013, in fact he was our last guest of the year!

David recently had a very successful show at The Rutledge in Nashville, Tennesee and has more shows planned over the next few months. Check out his calendar to see if he is playing in a town near you!  http://www.davidstarrmusic.com/

I was listening to his music recently and my favourite song at the moment is “Feels Like Coming Home” love the lyrics to this song!

Check out more of his music http://www.reverbnation.com/davidstarrmusic

You can also check out the fun interview we had with David http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2013/12/10/episode-130-with-david-starr/

David, come back and visit us soon!

aoede 9

CHANCY JOHNSON, actor, model and writer of “Out of the Woodwork”, has some really exciting news. The Fox commercial that he was in during the Super Bowl is up for an EMMY! Wow how exciting! Congratulations Chancy! Please remember to mention us when you receive it! Now if you would like to view this commercial please check out this link : http://vimeo.com/87207767 got to love those penguin jammies!

You can check out our interview with Chancy: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/02/11/episode-136-with-chancy-johnson/


aoede 10

TYLER MATL winner of the “Best Teen Pop Artist” at this years Artist in Music Awards, has just released an official video for his latest single GRAVITY, it’s really cute, I would so love for somebody to do that for me if I was feeling down….. you got to check it out now to see what I am on about! Lol Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL8rSeuJ5z0 Tyler has been a guest of ours twice now, and he is such a fun guy to interview! To find out more about Tyler please check out his web page http://www.tylermatl.com/


You can also check out our interview with Tyler http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/03/11/episode-140-with-tyler-matl/


And last but not least………………

gaia 11


Check out all the latest news from INDIE NEWS AT NOON



and finally

Mother's Day 2014 calendar (1)

Until next time

Have a great week










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