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j punch

Mark and I finally got to meet the guys behind the music of J-PUNCH this week! We have had their music on our rotation for a couple of years now, when we first added some of their songs from their album STICK FIGURE GUY!

We had a great time getting to know a bit more about them and to talk to about the new music that they are currently producing!

Justin Katz and Dave Moonshine make up J-PUNCH and what awesome guys they are too! Calling in from  opposite sides of the USA, Dave in L.A and Justin in Washington DC they were a lot of fun! Listening to them talk to each other, they are not unlike Mark and I when we host the show together! They told us they used to do a radio show themselves back in the day and I think they should get back into it, they not only produce great music but they are informative and very entertaining!

jpunch 2

At the start of the year Mark and I decided to do this feature, where by our guests all do a selfie of themselves during the show…….well, Justin was up for it….wait for it………

 J punch 3


Dave got a bit tangled up in the wires during the show! Maybe he is a real Cyborg!

j punch 4


It’s hard to put a genre on J-PUNCH – Down Tempo, Ambient, Electronica, Unique Sound or even Bone Pop! One thing that is certain is that it is very unique!

STICK FIGURE GUY was one of the first albums that got Mark and I interested in J-Punch and Dave Moonshine, and in the show we talk about how they came up with the concept of this album! This is a great chill-out album! Check it out in ITunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stick-figure-guy/id591196687

j punch 5

On this week’s Twitter Tuesday Live we featured 3 of their newer songs. They are also in the process of recording a new album and we look forward to hearing that! In May they will be releasing a new single called ALL THIS WAY, so I will keep everyone updated on that, so stay tuned!

J-PUNCH is also producing music for sci-fi movies. I was very excited to read that they had become involved with N1ON and a short movie called TRUE SKIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoj4Qv7nrN8

which has been picked up by Warner Brothers for a possible full-length feature film! There are no further details on this, however I will be following this and keeping you up to date! You can also check out the blog for J-Punch, he explains it much better than I do!


Please check out the hour-long interview with Justin Katz and Dave Moonshine, two very talented guys! We really enjoyed having them on the show! Awesome guys and look forward to having them back in the not too distant future!


 j punch 6To find out more about J-PUNCH please check out their web page: http://www.jpunch.com

You can also hear all their music on SOUNDCLOUD and they have even included our interview with them on there! Awesome! https://soundcloud.com/j-punch

j punch 7

TUESDAY 29TH APRIL back for round 3 we have Boston band AWAIT RESCUE. The only thing guaranteed to be normal on this show will be the music! These guys are unpredictable and fun to interview and they always seem to bring out the worst in Mark! Please make an note in your calendars for a night of Music and Mayhem! http://www.wwirradio.com 8pm EST

 j punch 8

JOSH DAMIGO, one of San Diego’s finest musicians, has some great news.He has just signed by Randm Records! To celebrate he is selling his back catalogue of music for $5! Seriously, that is not a lot of money to pay to hear Josh, he is probably one of the best, acoustic artists that I have ever heard! I have also had the pleasure of hearing him play live and he is bloody awesome! He has come such a long way from living out of his car!

His Album HOPE is part of my collection and is a great album! Get your copy today from: http://music.randmrecords.com/album/hope

 j punch 9

If you are in the San Diego area, then go along to the HOUSE OF BLUES on MAY 5TH and every Monday and see JOSH DAMIGO with his band The FREELOADERS.

Be prepared to be blown away!

Mark and I are looking forward to hearing some of his new music and we have booked for him to make his 3rd appearance on Twitter Tuesday Live sometime in September!

Love you Josh!



For yall in Texas, GLITTER ROSE will be performing at the Dallas International Guitar Festival with the famous Brady Blade on drums on SATURDAY 3RD MAY  Get your tickets at www.guitarshow.com

 j punch 10

2-time award winning Long Island, NY brother duos, The Como Brothers Band were guest of Mikey Jayy on this week’s The Great Unknowns Presents  KGUP 106.5FM “The Emerge Radio Networks”

I love these guys and recently bought their album BABY STEPS to add to my CD Collection!

Please check out their interview with Mikey at this link: https://soundcloud.com/tgup/the-como-brothers-band-interview-with-mikey-jayy-episode-171

 j punch 11

 THE COMO BROTHERS are playing live next Saturday May 3rd at THE PORT JEFFERSON MARINERS FESTIVAL in Port Jefferson New York. So if you are in that area, go out and check them out!

For more information visit the Greater Port Jeff-Northern Brookhaven Arts Council or http://www.portjeff.com/2014/03/2014-port-jefferson-maritime-festival/

and last but not least…………………

 gaia 11

Here is all the latest news from INDIE NEWS AT NOON http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/2014/04/indie-news-at-noon-broadcast-for-04-23-2014/

INN is looking for radio stations to broadcast our weekly news break! If you are Interested please check out this link http://www.indienewsatnoon.com/affiliates/

Well, thats all from me for this week!

Until next time




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