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Mark and I had a great time talking with the band members from CRASHFUSE.

Chad Hornberger (Vocals/Guitar),Colin Eberhardt (Drums),Nick Wnuk (Bass) and Mike Butler (Lead Guitar) joined us from Buffalo New York.

This band first caught my attention when they submitted their song “JUST A LITTLE”  to the station last year. After hearing the song  it made me want to go to their web site and check out more of their music.  I really liked what I heard and decided to invite them to join us as guests on Twitter Tuesday Live, so that I could introduce them to our followers and hopefully get them heard in other parts of the world!

What a great bunch of guys! Seriously, these guys are well worth following as I feel this young band could go far in the not too distant future! Not only are they awesome musicians, they were great interviewees too! They were  so much fun to talk to and I know that our listeners who tuned in to the show live, really enjoyed listening to them too! They even enjoyed being sent off to a deserted island! Lol

crashfuse 2

This year we are asking all our guests to do a selfie of themselves during the show, the guys were quick to agree! So they rushed outside amidst the cold, along with “The Most Interesting Man in the World” From left to right: Colin, Mike, the interesting man, Nick, and Chad! Onya guys!!!

crashfuse 3

CRASHFUSE have just released a 12 track CD and during the show we played three tracks from this album. I will be adding this album to my collection, you can be sure of that!  I also like The Girl, Waiting and Crossroads, great tracks! This album is available from this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/between-you-me-lamppost/id858791640

crashfuse 4

Check out all of their up coming shows! They maybe playing at a venue near you! if they are go check them out!

crashfuse 5

So who the hell are this band called CRASHFUSE, check them out!  http://www.crashfuse.com/ These stubby coolers are so cool, I think im going to have to get some for my pool bar! oh and they have some great T-shirts, so be sure to check them out too!

Such a good show, and if you missed it live, never fear, you can hear the podcast! We are an award winning show and we only have the best guests! http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/04/15/episode-143-with-crashfuse/

Thanks guys for a great show! See you next time!

j punch


Next week our guest will be J PUNCH and we look forward to meeting J-Punch and Dave Moonshine.



crashfuse 6

Meet  LYDIA NICOLAIDES. Lydia  is one of our biggest supporters for Twitter Tuesday Live. Lydia tunes in every week, from her warm bed in London (for her it is 1am), sometimes she forgets the time when the clocks change and sometimes she falls asleep and has to catch the podcast, but she has been turning up every week for nearly 2 years! Known as @lydiathepixie  on twitter, she has become our little London pixie and we love her to death!

Lydia is a folk singer and goes by the name of ROSERED and THE BUTTERFLIES. She also has a web page and you can even subscribe to her newsletter and become a Gumling! http://www.roseredmusic.com/

She has the funnies Facebook page and posts all these ramdom photos that never fail to make me laugh! When Lydia is not working she can be found co-hosting BLUE MONDAY, which is a monthly live acoustic music night that has been created for lesbian and bi sexual women and draws both a gay and straight following of music lovers. Broadcasting live from THE BOOGALOO in HIGHGATE LONDON on every 2nd Monday of every month. From wht I have seen of the live streams, they seem to have a lot of fun!

This week, Lydia had a challenge that she had to fulfillTo write a song for her 300th follower on Facebook in any style and about anything they want. They had to Like her page and then Leave a comment of what they want their song to be about.

And the winner was……….


This was his comment he left for Lydia: Ok so I’ll go with folky for the style. I’d like it to be about a road trip across America starting in LA, taking in dealey plaza in Dallas then Washington, D.C. to see John f Kennedy’s eternal flame and finishing in New York with large amounts of shopping. That’s my ideal road trip. How does that sound ?
Lydia’s Response: Ooo can Hodor be on your roadtrip?

RESULT: Hodder & Hodor – My Ideal Roadtrip by RoseRed And The Butterflies ~ copyright 2014

Riding in the car facing an open road
Heading to L.A, Dallas, D.C, New York
Hodor in the back seat, Hodder in the front seat
Talking about who they’ll meet
Posing on the highway, Mapping out the next days
Listening to Hodor on repeat….

Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Hitting L.A, Feeling the breeze, Take in the Dealey Plaza Scene
Stand on the grassy knoll, High and tall
Feel like i’m in 1963…
Ho oh oh Hodder and Hodor, Ho oh oh Hodder and Hodor

Laughing in the car talking Game of Thrones
Stopping on the highways for a classic pose
Hodor in the back seat, Hodder in the front seat
Thinking about where to eat
Cruising on the freeways, Camping out at midday
Taking in the city streets…

Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Seeing J.F.K’s eternal flame, Walking round Washington DC
Hitting L.A, Feeling the breeze, Going on a New York shopping spree….
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip, Hodder and Hodor
Coz that’s my ideal roadtrip

 Check out the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkNr1iRhDqk

And last but not least……………….

gaia 11 Here is all the latest from INDIE NEWS AT NOON



indie music bus

If you want exposure for your music, please check out INDIE MUSIC BUS

Walter Hargrave is the best promoter I know! He works is butt off for all Independent Musicians.

So go and give him a visit!


Well thats all from me for this week, I hope you all have a very safe and happy Easter!

so until next time


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