15 Mar 2014 @ 8:29 PM 

tyler 1

Returning to Twitter Tuesday Live for the second time was “Award winner” TYLER MATL. Like last time, the show was fast and furious with many of his fans posting questions well before the show had begun……I found it difficult to keep up with the tweets this week!

As always a great show, Tyler is a great guy and fun to be around. He is currently on a TEEN NATION tour, where they are visiting schools and other venues to make a stand against bulling in schools. A great cause!

Tyler talked about his tour and answered lots to questions thrown at him today!We also featured his brand new song “Gravity”

If you missed the show you can listen from this link : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/03/11/episode-140-with-tyler-matl/

tyler 2

Mark and I are hoping to keep this going. After the Grammy’s when Ellen Degeneres took a selfie, we  have been asking our guests if they would do the same and take a selfie of themselves during our show! Of course Tyler is the King of Selfies! Good one Tyler!

To find out more about TYLER MATL check out all his social networks:




 tyler 3

BILLY KAY, country artist from Tennesee, has a new book out and we will be talking more about this when Billy joins us as our guest on 1st April. So add this date to your calendar as I know its going to be a lot of fun!

Check out this book, a must for every independent musician : http://www.amazon.com/Double-Your-Music-Sales-Income-ebook/dp/B00IU38STE/ref=la_B00743X0G2_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1394842364&sr=1-2

To find out more about BILLY KAY please check out his web page: http://billykaymusic.com/


tyler 4tyler 5

Congratulations to RICK BRINDELL for winning Music Scene Investigations “Band of the Month” with his song “It is What It is”.

Check out how you can become part of the MSI Hit List by going to this link: http://msi.icweekly.net/hitlist/

For more information on Rick Brindel you can check out this link : https://www.facebook.com/rick.brindell.5

We will also be running a re-run of his interview with us on Twitter Tuesday Live – 18th March at 8pm EST on http://www.wwirradio.com

Rick has a couple of new songs out and we will be featuring those very soon on WWIR so stay tuned! In the meantime you can check out his music from this link: https://www.facebook.com/rick.brindell.5

Still waiting on his wife’s famous meat-ball receipe!

tyler 6

C BRET CAMPBELL from Middle Tennesee Music posted this in the week:

 “A couple people have noticed this and been kind enough to share it. I’ve been trying to bite my tongue, but honest to goodness, I’m kinda all bubbly about it and just can’t resist tooting my own horn any longer.

Of all the indie bands that have filled my inboxes, spammed me to no end, and practically begged me to feature their music on  Middle Tennessee Music, Only a very small handful have ever thanked me quite like this man and his team have. They’ve tweeted, facebooked, linked-in’ed emailed, dm’ed and basically treated me like a star over a simple review.

 John Oates, your whole organization RoKKs like your music, and I humbly thank you.”

Check out Bret’s review:

tyler 7




tyler 8

MICKEY JAYY, is back with THE GREAT UNKNOWNS and this week he  interviews 3-time Artists In Music Awards winner WALLA   I really enjoyed the interview and I am going to ask them if they would like to come and join Mark and I on Twitter Tuesday Live. Check out the podcast here at https://soundcloud.com/tgup/interview-with-walla

Find out more about WALLA from their web page: http://www.thewallaband.com/


tyler 9



Chancy’s  has put together a  “top 20 artists to watch in 2014”! I recognize some of them!

“Out of the Woodwork” has had its eye on over a hundred rising stars over the past six months, and I am proud to announce this year’s cream of the crop! I predict that these 14 people have the highest chance of breaking into nationwide recognition this year. Though they have already been producing quality art for several years, I believe that this group is about to accomplish major feats before 2015 rolls around. Who are they? Why should you pay attention? Read on, friend, and you will learn!”


We will also be airing a re-run of our interview with Chancy on March 25th, dont miss it!


and last but not least

gaia 11

Check out all the latest news on this weeks INDIE NEWS AT NOON



Well, thats about it from me for this week,

Remember Twitter Tuesday Live returns on April 1st with our special guest BILLY KAY

Until next time



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