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dead letters

Returning to visit us for a second time on this weeks award winning Twitter Tuesday Live,  was the awesome MICHAEL CHANCE along with fellow guitarist BRIAN DiBAGIO. Unfortunatly Patrick McGuire another band member was unable to join us today.

I have always admired Michael’s soulful voice and he won me over back in 2012 with his song “Cry Wolf” I was thrilled when he contacted me and ask to come back on the show again, Mark and I love having guests make return vists!

DEAD LETTERS is a new project that he has been working on along with other talented musicians. They have also joined forces with another band called BIG DAMN HEROS who have a celtic feel to their music and they are working together to produce a new album.

Michael and Brian explain it all so much better than I do, in our hour long interview with them. They were awesome to talk to and as usual we had a lot of fun. You can also find out why they are called DEAD LETTERS, interesting story! Check out the interview from this link: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/category/podcast/

dead letters 2

During the show we asked Michael and Brian to do a selfie….well here it is! We should make that a regular feature on Twitter Tuesday Live, I mean if Ellen can do it at the Grammy’s, then why can’t we!

dead letters

WHEN THE WORLD BEGAN is an awesome album by DEAD LETTERS  it is a mixture of old and new songs. We featured two songs from this album on tonights show “Down to See Me” and the beautiful and my favourite “Strung Out”. We also featured “Gypsy Girl, and it was the first time it has been played tonight so we felt very honoured!

They also have a SAVE THE BAND campaign, which I for one will be helping out with as I believe this band could go far. Here is the link if you would like to be a part of it too: http://www.gofundme.com/6cjjjg

Also if you are in the Philidelphia area, you will be able to catch a couple of shows this month:

March 16th – Big Damn Heroes at Chickie’s and Pete’s on the Boulevard, 7pm – Irish night

March 21- Big Damn Heroes at Drowning Fish Studio, 2730 Pickwick St, $30 “Go Hard or Go Home” fest. All you can drink beer and well cocktails.

To find out more about these two bands please check out these web pages:



 dead letters 4

INDIE MUSIC BUS recently interviewed us:

Check out our interview with INDIE MUSIC BUS http://indiemusicbus.com/interviews/World_Wide_Indie_Radio_March2014.html

Thank you Walter for a great interview! it feels very weird being on the other side! lol

 dead letters 5


PALAYE ROYALE is a fashion-art rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada their musical output is primarily based around the rock genre, with some classical and psychedelic influences.

PALAYE ROYALE are set apart by their artistry & integrity. They are “indie” in every sense of the word; completely “hands-on” from their words & musical arrangements as well as directing & producing their own music videos, to handling their own social media.

The band’s look, feel and authentic style makes them stand out while they remain true to their music.

Much like Panic! at The Disco and Arctic Monkeys, the band gained a substantial fan base online from Europe and the USA before the release of their first EP.

 dead letters 6THE ENDS BEGINNING  was released in July 2013 and can be purchased through ITunes:


 Official music video for GET HIGHER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3feE0RCLsw

find out more about PALAYE ROYALE by checking out these social networks:



Of course for winning “Artist of the Month” they are featured in depth on INDIE MUSIC BUS http://indiemusicbus.com/


dead letters 7

LILI KENDALL, is living up to her words when she told us she would be releasing a song every month. Here is her latest one THE UNKNOWN…its great and I really love it. Please check it out: https://lilikendall.jammer.fm/#4588

Also check out our interview with this very talented young girl from Brisbane, Australia : http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/02/04/episode-135-featuring-lili-kendall/

dead letters 8

News from KATIE COLE:

NEW ALBUM out now. This has been a huge process involving a lot of amazing & hard-working people. My producer Howard Willing, all the talented co-writers & the musicians. Thank you everybody. One small step for man, one giant leap for this kangaroo.” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lay-it-all-down/id815644803

Katie was a guest of ours a couple of week’s ago, if you missed the interview please check this link: http://www.wwirradio.com/home/2014/02/18/episode-137-with-katie-cole/

dead letters 9

RICK BRINDELL, (second from left) has recently returned from Nashville where he recorded his new single ANGEL.

This is what Rick has to say about his new song:

“Did you ever feel like you had nothing to live for and needed saving, and amazingly out of nowhere comes an “Angel” to save you and pull you out of the depths of despair!

Well now you can hear what it feels like. Check out my new rockin’ single “Angel”, fresh from Ragtop Recording Studios produced by none other than Kim Copeland in Nashville. World class players on this one folks, don’t miss it and give a listen!”




dead letters 10

Check out episode 147 of MSI:, where independent artists submit music for expert review by our panel. This weeks guest panelists was Dave Carrera, professional Drummer and owner of Carrera Drums. The following three songs were reviewed.

The following three songs were reviewed.

Freefall by Brittany Bexton
Dividing By Zero by Das Blankout
Boom! Boom! by Sammy Ryd

If you would like to send your music to Music Scene Investigations for an expert review, please check out this link: http://msi.icweekly.net/


dead letters 11

LONG ISLAND TRENDS TV have interviewed THE COMO BROTHERS check it out http://litrends.com/trends-tv/trends-tv-alysia-stern-chats-como-brothers/


and last but not least…………………….

gaia 11

Check out all the latest news from this weeks INDIE NEWS AT NOON


Well, thats about it from me this week!

Until next time


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